Is Beauty & Strength!

#BLACKLIVESMATTER ...more than ever

It is true, "Unity" is what's going to make a change... but in order to unite we need to accept "Diversity" at its core.

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength" ~Maya Angelou

If you don't know what to say... listen!
If you don't know what to write... read!
If you don't know what to do... donate!

I don't have an answer to it all and I can only speak for myself... this I do know, a little bit of compassion goes a really long way. 

And make no mistakes, I do think that all lives matter, of course they do, but black lives matter right now more than ever... it is the house on fire... ~Anahit 


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"A Cup of Sympathy"

Would you mind joining me?
Just to have a cup of tea
Have a seat and a little chat, shall we?
Don't get surprised by what you'll see

Would you care to join me?
Let's discuss about the world nicely
The world which grew less and less friendly
Just look at all of those Nazis.

Would you listen and join me?
We're just peons who'sā€‹ lost our glee
On a giant chessboard of mystery
Where ego is latching like a flea

Would you like more things to see?
Open your eyes and seek with me
A key to peace towardā€‹ humanity
Something which made us all agree.

Would you try to talk nicely?
It's okay if you think that I'm silly
But row by row, we ought to sail this sea
When agony needs a handful of empathy

Would you run to the end of this prairie?
It's personal, just you and me
Together we'll confront this tragedy
Loud and clear, we'll shout assuredly

Would you mind to join me?
Sharing this little cup of sympathy
To this country of riches and diversity
To be the few eyes who love all colors equally 

by Kevin Setiawan Yonathan

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