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As much as Oprah loves bread... but really who does't love flowers. 

I love the way they make me feel & the way they make others feel. I love how they can tell a story, create art & provoke emotions unlike anything else...

My story began in Armenia where I graduated Dental School before relocating to the United States. Amazingly, it was dentistry that lead me to flowers. I found myself drawn to the bright floral arrangements that arrived at the office regularly. Each week I would redesign the flowers to suit my personal taste which allowed me to experiment and explore my newfound interest without being bound by rules or restrictions. You should've seen the look on the driver's face, every time he came to pick up the old arrangement to replace with the new one... Looking at each design from an artists perspective my creations took on a sculptural style. Inspired by the thought that I had something creative to offer the floral industry, I became flower obsessed picking up blooms wherever I could on an endless search for floral education. 

My first trip to local wholesaler sealed my fate when I fell head over heals in love with floristry. Almost immediately I began competing at a local level and quickly became a respected name in the floral world collecting numerous awards and accolades for my unique designs, attention to detail and meticulous mechanics. In early 2015 I began offering a series of workshops sharing my artistic floral techniques to designers eager to add new life to their work.  My workshops are upbeat, edgy and always pushing the limits of traditional floristry allowing for unparalleled creativity. 

In 2017 I started my journey to European Master Certification, that I went on completing and achieving highly coveted EMC credentials in October of 2018. While working toward EMC, she also pursued my American Institute of Floral Designers credentials in 2018. I received my Certified Floral Designer accreditation in April of 2018 followed by successfully completing my PFDE  testing in July of 2018 in Washington DC. I got inducted to AIFD in summer of 2019 in Las Vegas. 

It is my passion for the industry that led me to start “Viva La Flora Live” Podcast and “411 Floral” informational platform., followed by Floral Success Institute Mastermind. 

As you know, this profession encompasses wide range of industries and other fields, such as artists, designers, farmers, distributors, wholesalers, educators, planners, photographers... and the list goes on. It is vital for us to recognize the importance of each and every one of these experts . With VLF Live Podcast I strive to bring a glimpse of it all to my listeners through stories from industry experts, newcomers, trendsetters and followers.My primary goal is to share, educate and empower while learning and staying inspired myself! 

411 Floral is my way of giving back to the industry. I created a free platform where everyone can share all their floral events and search for classes, workshops, seminars and more! 

While having to accomplish CFD, AIFD, EMC and Chapple Designer titles, win multiple competitions, take numerous workshops, work along side many of industries leading professionals, creating a VLF Live Podcast and 411 Floral, I continues to learn more and share her my passion. 

“If you are not growing, you are dying.” Tony Robbins 

My journey of floral art, business and design has only just begun! 

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