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My journey as a floral designer really began in Armenia.  Never in million years could I imagine that this is where it would lead me today! Creating floral art, podcasting and starting a business mastermind. I spent years training to be a dentist only to find out that the driving force in my life would end up being floral design.  When I moved to the United States from Armenia, I naturally started working in a dental office since, that is what I knew.  But my dental degree didn’t cross the ocean with me, so  the next logical step was to become a dentist in the United States. However, getting a dental degree in the United States was going to be very expensive and long process. It was very stressful knowing that I had to go through dental school again. In times like this I always found comfort in creative work. Art has always been much like therapy for me. This time around it wasn’t only drawing or sketching, it was creating magic with something more precious, flowers.

Plants and flowers had always been part of my life growing up.  We always had them in our house. My most favorite activity as a kid was hiking with my grandmother and picking wild flowers. We would always come back with floral crowns made from simple field daisies and bouquet of mixed flowers. Every time I see a white daisy my heart skips a beat and all kinds of fun memories come flooding in. I love all flowers, particularly Cattleya orchids. But the simple field daisy, has a very special place in my heart.

Ironically, it was in a dental office that I first discovered floral design as an art form. We were getting floral arrangements delivered to the office on weekly basis, that looked, let’s just say a little basic. I would always be the one changing the water and “accidentally” rearranging them. The look on the delivery driver’s face every time he came to pick up the old design was priceless! Soon enough, I was the one providing and designing the flowers for the office. Eventually, I did my first wedding!!! That was it, I was hooked for good. Shortly after that I discovered floral competitions. That only solidified what I felt in my heart. I was destined to make art with flowers! I can’t imagine my life without them.

The floral world is big and fascinating. The possibilities are endless. I knew I just simply had figure out how to go farther. So I competed in design contests on the local. I taught workshops. Eventually, I achieved AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) accreditation and EMC  certification (European Master Certification). Podcasting was the next step. I had always looked for podcasts about the floral industry and back then there was not much happening.  So, I started my podcast really for selfish reasons. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to meet more amazing designers, growers, entrepreneurs. I wanted to get to know these people and tell their stories to the world. And I did it.  Quite honestly it has been one of the best and yet most challenging things I’ve done. I truly enjoy my guests and all that we talk about.  I hope that my listeners do as well. The personal growth that I have experienced as a result with every one of my guests is a truly rewarding experience.

I do believe that florists are one of the kindest and most giving people. Everyone has something special to offer to this amazing industry. I do, however, feel sad for those who never get out of the “starving artist” mentality and work themselves to the bone. This is why my next project Floral Business Mastermind was born. This is the one I’m most passionate about. COVID-19 has definitely made things more challenging.  So our mastermind will not be able to start till late 2021. However, if anyone out-there needs and wants to chat about business, I’m happy to help. Sometimes all we need is a simple conversation to help us take things to the next level.  If I can be that person to hear someone’s story and help them along, I’d be happy to!

There are only few things I want for the floral industry…

   ~ I want to see all my flower friends excel in their business and have better lifestyles!

   ~ I want to see more people fall in love with flowers!

   ~  want to see the world full flowers, always!

 ~ Anahit 

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