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Corrine Heck   

Corrine Heck is the founder and CEO of Details Flowers Software, a solution she conceived to address the needs of florists and event designers. Corrine went to work in the floral industry early on and worked her way up, learning the in's and out's of wedding floristry and event design until she was able to start her own floral business. She went on to produce over 800 events in Central Florida and came to see an area of opportunity and need for florists and event designers: an all-in-one software solution to help them manage costs, productivity, and organization. Taking her extensive experience as a florist and her creative drive, she founded Details Flowers Software in 2015 and has grown the platform to include an international clientele of not only florists, but growers, wholesalers, and breeders of flowers throughout the world. In the Fall of 2019, Corrine was diagnosed with a brain tumor, for which she had brain surgery a mere three weeks later, and was back to work two weeks after surgery fully recovered!  Details Flowers Software is based in Ormond Beach, Florida where Corrine lives on an 8-acre farm with Gregory, her husband of nearly 20 years, and their three children, Aiden, Amelia, and Avery and a houseful of pets.


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