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Jared, The Face Of Petal Driven


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In today's world of flower sourcing and every challenge that comes with it... what if you could:

  • Get free overnight shipping on all orders
  • Have special wholesale pricing
  • Work with dedicated account representative directly
  • And actually be able to source flowers  

Petal Driven does just that. 

"We have traveled across the world, searching for the highest quality flowers we can find in order to found
Petaldriven.com, an online community that sources flowers directly from farms across six continents to deliver them freshly cut and directly to your door." Jared



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Meet Jared

Born and raised in South Florida, Jared entered the world of floral distribution after studying Biology and Ecology at Yeshiva University in New York. 

Bitten by the design bug, he got tired of watching box after box of flowers leave the warehouse without getting the chance to play with them, and so in 2003 he opened his first retail florist in Downtown Miami. 

Fourteen years later and with 3 more locations under his management, Jared's work had been featured in magazines such as Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings, and his client list included countless Hollywood celebrities, Royals, and 4 US Presidents. 

Everything was looking up until a sudden cancer diagnosis stopped his plans dead in their tracks- a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments left him on the sidelines, and with his hands now unable to perform the intricate designs he had once been known for, he decided to return to his roots in wholesale. As Jared puts it "I knew that if I could no longer design myself, I wanted to make it my mission to focus on flower education, and spread the joy and love that flowers bring to us all." 

And so he founded PetalDriven, a grassroots company dedicated to promoting floral education and the idea that everyone has a designer inside them just waiting to be inspired! Created by designers for designers, Petaldriven has one of the largest selections of fresh cut flowers available to the public, and a team of experienced designers on staff to help or clients manifest their floral dreams into reality! With flower demand at an all-time high, an exciting new generation of floral designers has begun to forge a path into a new unknown world, and we can't wait to see what you all have in store!



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